10 reasons why your YouTube videos are not getting views (and how to fix it!)

Have you ever asked why your YouTube recordings are not getting sees? Try not to stress, you are in good company. Numerous makers, even those that have set up channels and crowds can wind up posing this accurate inquiry.

In this article, I will manage you through all that you've been fouling up. You might not have acknowledged how you were wrecking as of not long ago, yet that is actually what we will cover and get right to the reasons why your recordings are not getting perspectives and how to fix it ASAP.

I'm not going to keep down at this point. Here and there you have to hear what harms to improve, so don't go feeling insulted or get vexed in the event that I state something which you're doing sucks.

This fair implies that you currently realize what to improve… no requirement for much obliged.

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1. Your YouTube Video Thumbnails suck

The primary thing that a potential watcher sees when your video shows up in their home feed, on the sidebar or in list items, is your video thumbnail.

In the event that your thumbnail doesn't grab their eye with a precise picture or realistic demonstrating what is the issue here, that individual is simply going to skirt directly past it. It doesn't make a difference how astounding your video might be or how well you've named your video if your thumbnail doesn't coordinate that quality, it won't be fascinating for anyone.

Furthermore, some more normal mix-ups and one's I've ever done myself, is utilizing inferior quality and low-goal pictures, or simply utilizing a flat and exhausting picture taken as a screen capture from the genuine video.

A picture with great differentiations quite often outflanks comparative level plans, since individuals simply don't see the level thumbnails.

Thus, if your video thumbnails suck, nobody will really think about it and you won't get any perspectives.

Step by step instructions to fix it:

Make applicable, differentiating, and fascinating thumbnails.

You should utilize custom thumbnails (which means don't just pick a screen capture from the video) and don't be reluctant to oversaturate and turn the difference up a score. While it might look marginally over-handled in a bigger arrangement, it won't look that way when it is being seen as a standard thumbnail on a cell phone, pc or tablet.

2. You have no consistency

By not indicating any consistency on YouTube, your watchers and supporters have no clue about when you will post future recordings, what are the issue here, or what is the issue here, so for what reason would anybody buy-in?

This can likewise be extremely harming to your recordings capacity to rank on YouTube. The calculation puts a ton of significant worth on consistency, and by offering reliable benefit, your channel and view tally will develop.

Furthermore, consistency isn't just about transferring a specific number of recordings every month or week, it's likewise about making recordings that have a comparative point, are outwardly conspicuous, and have a comparable message, similar to audits, DIY instructional exercises, and so forth

Consistency is the way to changing over watchers into endorsers and you can frequently observe this when a video becomes famous online through social sharing, the maker regularly posted the video for sharing and doesn't have a lot other comparative substance on their channel and the large number of watchers they get may mean just a small amount of the real view tally.

Which is only a gigantic open door squandered.

Step by step instructions to fix it:

Be clear with what and when you will post. Make a sensible transfer timetable and attempt to adhere to it.

Stay moderately inside your speciality and build up what sort of recordings you need to make. Regardless of whether that is Tutorials, editorial, amusement, data, and so forth

Additionally, recollect, by being steady, you're giving the YouTube calculation more data about what is the issue here with the goal that it would then be able to propose it to the perfect individuals who will be keen on your recordings. Furthermore, by making recordings on a reliable premise, every one of those new recordings expands your odds of the calculation getting your channel.

3. You are not making content for your audience

This tip is kind of attached to consistency, yet has more to do with what your crowd needs.

A YouTube channel possibly develops when individuals visit that channel to watch recordings that they are keen on. What's more, when you begin transferring recordings, you will begin to assemble a crowd of people, regardless of whether that crowd is just 5 or 15 individuals from the outset, you have to begin someplace and if those 5 to 15 individuals watch your new recordings reliably, your channels recordings will appear to more individuals with comparative interests.

Presently on the off chance that you are not making recordings for your crowd. This implies those watchers and supporters won't be keen on observing anything else of your recordings as there isn't anything really took into account them.

Essentially, this could mean you have a channel exploring workstations, yet you likewise have an interest in Formula 1 races and audit the driver's exhibitions. Both are audits that you're keen on, yet the watchers intrigued by workstations, may not be keen on Formula 1 (particularly since 2014), and the other way around.

This at that point brings about no snaps on your recordings and it thusly fails to meet expectations.

The most effective method to fix it:

Take a gander at what your watchers need to see and what themes are the most fascinating and watchable inside your speciality.

Look at your YouTube examination to see which recordings are playing out the best for you and you would then be able to utilize these known subjects important to make more applicable recordings for your crowd.

At the point when you're beginning a YouTube channel, it's essential to make recordings that interest you, when your channel increases a few endorsers and you're now chosen a subject, you have to then zero in on what kind of recordings your watchers and potential watchers would be keen on.

4. YouTube optimization is an afterthought for you

Such a large number of individuals are simply tossing recordings out there and seeking after a great many perspectives. Furthermore, shockingly, that simply won't cut it as a doable arrangement for getting perspectives and developing on YouTube. Not except if you as of now have a million+ supporters and a network that will do the sharing for you. Which, we should be genuine, you likely don't have, and still, at the end of the day, YouTube improvement can make those recordings that additional stride further.

In this way, if watchwords, labelling, custom thumbnails, focusing on, search volume, channel plan, SEO, and so on all solid unfamiliar to you and you're not making any move toward that path, well, at that point I have some uplifting news. You can get a lot more perspectives by actualizing these things.

Best YouTubers in reality actually execute these things, even those with multimillion sub tallies and billions of perspectives. It's that significant.

Furthermore, this isn't just significant for getting found in list items, advancing recordings additionally help video blogs and greater diversion based points increment their range. You simply need to zero in on a couple of watchwords/phrases for it to produce its full results.

The most effective method to fix it:

Actualize YouTube video improvement.

That implies fusing YouTube SEO. Things like keywording should turn out to be natural, label fields should not, at this point be left vacant and you should spend far something beyond 2 minutes rounding out a portrayal.

This may sound very scary from the outset, however fortunately there are some free devices you can use to make this cycle simpler.

TubeBuddy is one of my top picks, an extraordinary free program augmentation that you can use to locate the best catchphrases for your recordings to improve your video enhancement, just overall host of other advancement highlights. The free expansion is ground-breaking and you can give it a shot here.

5. Your audience retention rate is low

Are watchers leaving your videos after a couple of moments, despite the fact that your recordings are several minutes in length? Is watch opportunity difficult to arrive by and watchers scarcely stay to the centre, not to mention the finish of your recordings? This implies your crowd consistency standard is low, and this negatively affects your channel for two reasons.

Initially, YouTube's calculation favours watch time and channels that can hold the watchers' consideration for more. Also, furthermore, if your watchers can't endure a full video (or possibly the primary pieces of it), they're likely not going to be keen on buying in or observing any of your different recordings.

There are various reasons why your crowd degree of consistency could below; your introductions too long, your outro is excessively long, the sound is too uproarious, your voice is excessively droning, a lot of inconsequential meandering aimlessly, and so forth and so on and so on

Step by step instructions to fix it:

To begin with, we have to attempt to pinpoint the reason, and fortunately, YouTube has an answer incorporated right with the stage for this present: It's called YouTube investigation.

With YouTube Analytics, you can get a wide scope of significant data to enable your channel to develop. With regards to standard for dependability, you can take a gander at the normal watch season of explicit recordings and when watchers frequently leave your recordings. Permitting you to surmised the time that watchers are bobbing from your video and afterwards you can see what's going on around then and pinpoint the reason for your low degree of consistency. When you understand what the issue is, right it.

Protip: incorporate cards at the occasions when individuals are leaving, connecting to a pertinent one of your recordings. In the event that you can't keep individuals' consideration on a particular video, at that point, the following best thing is to attempt to keep them at any rate on your channel.

6. You’re only thinking about YouTube

What different stages would you say you are at present additionally dynamic on? Just YouTube?

With the assortment of ground-breaking interpersonal organizations as of now on the web, it's a huge waste not exploiting the free assets that are available to you.

It very well might be hard to get this show on the road from the start, yet perhaps you have a little after on Instagram as of now. Influence that into getting more perspectives on your recordings.

Regardless of whether you haven't got a set up following on any informal organizations or networks, your optimal crowd might be prowling inside the dividers of an energetic subreddit or sticking ceaselessly on Pinterest.

Facebook gatherings, Reddit, interpersonal organizations, websites, and so on YouTube might be where you make your primary substance, however, you can and should wander out into nature. On the off chance that your crowd won't come to you, go out to them.

Step by step instructions to fix it:

Be dynamic and draw in on stages outside of YouTube. Advance your recordings on different stages, subreddits, Quora, Facebook gatherings, and so on yet do as such in a careful and aware way of course, regarding rules and being useful first.

You can self-advance as much as you'd like on your own foundation, however, while drawing in with networks, nobody needs to see joins put all over the place. Offer some benefit and thusly, you'll become a piece of the network, and afterwards offer your recordings when it gets fitting.

Additionally, have a go at adhering to a maximum of 3 stages from the start with the goal that you don't extend yourself out excessively far and don't be bashful to join discussions or Q&A destinations like Quora, as huge stages might be harder to get the show on the road, yet this would all be able to be subject to what sort of recordings you are making.

7. Your videos do not provide any value

Ask yourself this: Why would it be advisable for someone to watch your video?

In the event that you can't respond to that question, you're likely not offering any benefit and afterwards for what reason should somebody invest their important energy viewing your recordings.

Worth is a significant piece of being a YouTuber and is a significant part of perceiving what it is that you bring to the table in the watcher Youtuber relationship. You give them the motivation to watch your recordings, regardless of whether that is amusement, data, and so forth and consequently, they watch, as, buy-in, remark, share, etc.

You can't expect one without the other and you may need to make a stride back and take a gander at what you've been making and wonder why might somebody watch your recordings?

The most effective method to fix it:

Make a stride back, get the full point of view, and afterwards make inside setting.

You should be straightforward with yourself on the grounds that there's no reason for burning through your own time. Also, when I state make inside setting, that implies you have to comprehend the worth that you can give.

We as a whole have some sort of significant worth that can be shared, on the grounds that there will consistently be individuals that do not have the information you have, regardless of whether you're not a specialist in the field, they can even now gain from you. There will consistently be individuals who share a comparable funny bone, or simply discover you relatable.

At that point see what esteem your crowd needs, what you can furnish them with, what is the most moving, accessible, and relatable subjects inside your speciality, and afterwards begin making recordings that answer questions, give amusement, and just things that your crowd needs to watch.

This additionally returns to the past point about creation YouTube recordings for your crowd.

8. Horrible audio quality

With regards to making quality YouTube recordings, the sound is frequently the most neglected. It very well may be difficult to understand how significant sound is the point at which you're beginning, yet consider how often you've viewed a video that has ghastly sound.

Did you buy into that channel, or did you simply ricochet straight away as it got insufferable?

Sound quality is as significant, if not more significant, than your video quality. A ton of times individuals might have the option to ignore a video shot on a potato camera as long as the sound is clear, fresh, and of good quality. The equivalent can't be said of an incredible looking video with sound recorded on a tape player from the '80s.

Step by step instructions to fix it:

To begin with, understand that you should zero in on improving your sound before you even consider your video quality. In the event that you can bear the cost excellent mouthpiece, the venture will doubtlessly speak too much better an incentive than a camera overhaul. You can after all get an incredible amplifier for the portion of the expense of a mirrorless camera.

The Rode NT-USB is an extraordinary great USB condenser mouthpiece with a pop channel and table stand remembered for the conveyance.

Then again, a lavalier mic, for example, one of these, can speak to the superb incentive for cash at a substantially more moderate value point.

When you have a quality mic, the following stage is to ensure you eliminate pointless commotion when you're recording. Make an effort not to record into the breeze in case you're vlogging (or utilize a dead feline/windscreen) and talk obviously. On the off chance that you discover some obstruction in the sound, give turning a shot quiet mode on your cell phones as this can regularly tackle the issue.

Finally, and perhaps above all, don't place uproarious music in your video when you're talking/describing/and so forth It might appear to be an undeniable tip, however, I can't reveal to you how frequently I actually run into recordings where I can't comprehend a word the maker is stating as their ambient sounds is simply booming endlessly.

Focus on your sound.

9. You’re not engaging with your audience

Do individuals remark on your recordings and you simply don't react to them?

Drawing in with your crowd makes an association, and your channel turns out to be more significant for the individuals you answer to, just as to the watchers who simply observe the communication and can improve the feeling of what your identity is.

By remarking you're displaying a greater amount of your character, and this consequently implies almost certainly, they will observe a greater amount of your recordings and watch them in a positive way, which means, they'll pose more inquiries, leave more remarks, similar to your recordings, and possibly buy-in.

Commitment shouldn't stop on your own recordings, however. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of channels that will cross points with your substance that might have watchers intrigued by what you make.

Instructions to fix it:

Be dynamic in your locale, regardless of whether that is on your own channel, on other YouTubers' channels, interpersonal organizations, web journals, eye to eye, etc. Be a functioning and significant individual from a network and watch how that network will at that point uphold you.

Additionally, answer to your remarks and try to add esteem. In any event, utilize a customized reaction to show that you've really perused the remark.

10. Lack of patience

Thus, it's been fourteen days since you've begun your YouTube channel you actually haven't gotten 1,000,000 perspectives. You should simply get it together and simply proceed onward at that point, correct?

This is the thing that I want to yell at individuals when they state they're not seeing any outcomes when they've recently begun executing these prescribed procedures and tips and in reality began paying attention to their YouTube channel.

What results would you be able to hope to see in such a short space of time? On the off chance that things could happen that quick, at that point as the platitude goes, everybody would do it.

This is additionally probably the greatest distinction between those that simply start YouTube and those that are really fruitful on YouTube, the ones that have the assurance and persistence are the ones that can receive the benefits.

Show restraint.

Indeed, even those that appear to have soared to distinction have expected chance to develop.

On the positive side, the development scale on YouTube is outstanding. This implies, you may just get two or three subs per day from the outset, yet as your channel develops, that couple will transform into handfuls, which will transform into hundreds, at that point thousands, and afterwards who knows, the sky is the cutoff points.

The most effective method to fix it:

Permit in any event a month prior to making any decisions on transforms you've actualized. Both for making a decision about victories and disappointments on your recordings and channel.

Give yourself and your recordings sufficient opportunity to receive the rewards of your work and take a gander at upgrades over a more extended stretch of time than basically 24 hours. Things may appear as though it's beginning to deteriorate when you see minor changes like clockwork while seeing your examination and results each couple of weeks can introduce an altogether unique picture.

A positive one on the off chance that you've executed these tips. 😉

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By now you should know why your YouTube videos are not getting views and exactly how to fix it. Remember that patience is always key when it comes to growth, but don’t be afraid to communicate with your audience to see what they may be interested in, speeding things up. Whether you choose to communicate on YouTube itself, or on another platform, all the information you can gather can help guide you in making more watchable and clickable videos.

Now I’m going to pass the question on to you. Have you been guilty of any of these and how did you fix them? Or haven’t you yet, and this has been the golden ticket you’ve been in search of.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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